DelVecchio's Pizzeria has been a true landmark in the Weston Town Center since 2000 and has been voted Best Pizza in Weston for 10 years in a row!   Just like in the old country (and to many that means New York), they offer the best pizza, toppings, traditional Italian cuisine - all with terrific service in a great family-oriented atmosphere.  
  Offering a wide array of nostalgic candy favorites, homemade ice cream flavors and toppings, and the most contemporary bulk and packaged confectionery sweets, UdderSweets offers both today's most popular candies and the ones you remember from your youth. The shop features 32 flavors of ice cream with the motto "we scoop it and you top it" – essentially you can make your own masterpiece sundae with every serving. The assortment of designer candy apples (chocolate drizzle, s'mores, apple pie, and original) have quickly become popular favorites and there is a luscious array of cupcakes (dulce de leche, red velvet, cotton candy, Boston cream, etc.) to choose from.   
  PRO-LAB is a leading manufacturer of a complete line of home safety test kits. Each test kit provides precise measurement of specific life threatening pollutants. PRO-LAB test kits contain all of the necessary materials to detect contaminants within the home or office. All analyses are performed by recognized laboratories in compliance with state and Federal laboratory methods. PRO-LAB is an environmentally conscious company and all of our test kits are consumer friendly and completely non-toxic; and PRO-LAB is not owned or beholden to any company selling pollution abatement services or air and/or water treatment devices.  
  We are South Florida’s premier, full-service commercial landscape provider specializing in landscape maintenance and design. Our purpose is to enhance the appeal of the property; making heads turn as every passerby takes in the landscapes. By truly listening to our clients, we are more than capable of catering to all of their requirements while going above and beyond their expectations. We uniquely create and maintain architectural landscapes that embody our diligent work within our client’s vision. Our aim is to design and manage landscapes that work with any budget, capable of sustaining the Florida weather and remaining a resonating beauty and increasing value.  
  THINK Magazine is the only luxury lifestyle magazine of its kind, offering a local focus with a global outlook. THINK offers the best in jewelry, fine dining, fashion, luxury vehicles, home design and décor, real estate, travel, and other products and services for those who prefer the luxuries in life.  
  AGE Glass Gallery Of The Year The Worlds Largest Functional Glass Gallery 250+ Artists Live Glass Blowing  
  The Sugar Cube Banger’s brilliant cube design allows for maximum air flow while the Sugar Bowl’s extra- large bowl design supports maximum size deposits. Our quartz nails are hand made by our professional glassblower Mad Rob in Denver @Madrobglass.  
  Our experience and commitment to your satisfaction is our #1 Priority! Our family has over 22 years experience in Broward, Dade & Palm Beach counties. Let our training and expertise help you with all of your plumbing repairs. We are a full service plumbing company offering a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial services.  

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